My trip to Okinawa this summer.

Music // Blue Sky by Noah and the Whale

A belated happy moon cake festival from Hong Kong.

Music // Shoot For The Moon by Lelia Broussard

Sorry about the stuffy nose, I got a flu that doesn’t quite want to leave me.

There was a Monday afternoon where I had 3 hours to kill in Starbucks, so I did some people watching, sketching and writing.

There is a game that I like to play when I ride the tube/ subway/ mtr (however you like to call it). I look at a person’s shoe and imagine how that person looks like, create a story around them, solely judging on those shoes I see. Then I look up and often surprising myself to how different I imagined that person to be.

“It is easy to forget how full the world is of people, full to bursting, and each of them imaginable and consistently misimagined.” -John Green, Paper Towns

The video I made 2 years ago about this similar idea:

This video is inspired by Emily’s series, Letters to July. 

As I am back home to Hong Kong for the summer, I thought it would be appropriate to do a letter to Hong Kong video instead. I have never spoken so directly and personally in such a public format. Frankly, I was hesitant to click the publish button, but I promised to be more honest with myself. And this is me, doing that.

My Cover of I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston.

Another video I did, 2 videos in 3 days whaaatt!?

*Please Wear Headphones For This Video*
Two tracks are played simultaneously: the left side plays When She Went Away, the right side plays When She Came Back, both by Max Richter.

The idea is to experience the opposing tone, separately, or/then merging them into one through the ear drums to create this subtle conflict of emotions; where the character in the story is in this constant struggle of hesitations and doubts.

Same Old Same Old by The Civil Wars
(Music Video Cover)

I was back home to Hong Kong for term break, so we decided to go on a little trip down Cheung Chau aka Long Island.  

Music // Dillon- Tip Tapping

Music Video I made for The Analog Affair - Fast Hearts.

I had quite a lot of fun editing this one :)

The audio is suppose to be with a very cool high speed track recorded along with the visual. I repeatedly try to render and export in Premiere Pro, which took 5 hours of pure waiting. So before I can figure out how to export the FRIKING audio, here it is with a less cool music background.

This is the full-ish version of my psychogeography I uploaded previously:…

Print a map of a specific location in London and place an object on the map with eyes closed. Trace around the object and walk the perimeter.

I woke up one day with this song playing over and over in my head, almost like living in a music video. Hmm…Why not? So I went ahead and recorded the song, filmed my day and edited it.

Konichiwa. | Travel Log.

Music: Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend

My trip to hokkaido this summer.

Sara Bareilles - Bluebird (Cover) (by KateJestic)

Hokkaido, Japan